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1 litre cab kettle
£14.17 excl VAT

1 litre cab kettle
£14.17 excl VAT

1 litre cab kettle
£14.17 excl VAT

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner which comes complete with a range of attachments including a crevice tool, upholstery brush and an inflater.
£20.83 excl VAT

Digital multitester with many useful functions. It has AC/DC voltage, DC current, battery test, hFE test, diode test, continuity test, resistance test and comes with 9v battery. It is ideal for home / hobby / automotive testing and checking CB antenna systems.
£8.33 excl VAT

24Vdc to 240Vac 600 watt DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter with reverse polarity protection and USB socket. Perfect for use while camping, in commercial vans/lorries, or as a means to convert charged batteries for back-up power in case of a blackout. Ideal for use with TVs, computers, chargers and other everyday appliances.
£62.49 excl VAT

PMR 250 Speaker
£10.00 excl VAT

Speaker Model PMR 218
£10.00 excl VAT

The TTI TCB-1100 CB radio has been designed and developed to give outstanding performance with a long list of features while at the same time keeping user friendliness to a maximum.
£108.33 excl VAT

The TTI TCB-560 is TTI's entry level CB radio similar to their TCB-550 model, but has been designed to give some upgraded features.
£58.33 excl VAT

Multi standard mobile CB radio for UK and EU bands, it is an ideal radio for users travelling across Europe as it includes various options to select CB frequency bands for Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Poland and UK (Please note when using in UK you may only select the bands UK, UE or EC)
£69.00 excl VAT

7inch Turbo Magnetic Mount
£13.33 excl VAT