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Demister Pad Windscreen Cleaner

Useful demister pad restores clear vision for improved driving safety. Lint and streak free windscreen clearer.
£0.89 excl VAT

ArmorAll Glass Cleaner 500ml

Armor All Glass Cleaner is specifically designed for car windscreens, removing road dirt, grime and insects quickly and easily giving a streak-free shine for maximum visibility.
£4.29 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Pink 1L

One step cleaner that dresses , cleans and sheens interiors and exteriors leaving a natural effect finish.
£7.50 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Embellish 500ml

Embellish is a fast working and efficient detailing spray. It leaves a highly durable, hydrophobic finish that is safe on all paints and will not tarnish sealants or waxes.
£5.00 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Very Cherry 500ml

Cherry scented air freshener.
£5.00 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Tip Top 500ml

Tip top is a highly durable hybrid polish which uses technologies to give extreme protection and durability. It enhances the paintwork clarity and depth of colour, adding lustre to your vehicle with a combination of Carnauba Wax and surface reactive technologies.
£6.67 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Ultra Tyre Shine 500ml

Wet look long lasting tyre shine.
£5.00 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Rubber Gel 500ml

Rubber Gel brings faded plastics back to life non greasy easy to use weather resistant and long lasting.
£6.67 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Fly Away 500ml

Fly Away is a caustic free fly and bug remover for paintwork.
£5.00 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Cool Fresh 500ml

A Cool Fresh fragrance perfect for masking unpleasant odours.
£5.00 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Wheel Bright 500ml

Wheel Brite is a very effective NON ACIDIC wheel cleaner.
£5.00 excl VAT

Chrome Northwest - Odour Kill 500ml

Odour kill does what it says. A very effective odour remover against tobacco, wet dog etc.
£5.00 excl VAT